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"The Tao Deck is an intuitive method for consulting the I-Ching Oracle"

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In this site you will find a complete explanation of what
the Tao Deck is and how to use it. There is information on the I-Ching, Taoism, Taoist beliefs and Feng Shui. The artwork of the Tao Deck is also available as separate prints, bringing the symbols of the
I-Ching into clearer focus.

The interactive process of choosing the I Ching cards to find your Hexagram creates a deeper connection to the Tao.

The opportunity for profound insight is enhanced by the visual eloquence of images that reveal the Elemental nature of the traditional Trigrams, and support intuitive understanding of the Hexagram reading.

The TaoDeck is a new invention that expresses the wisdom of the current era. While the time honored methods of consulting the ancient Chinese oracle are
valid and beneficial, this modern methodology brings a new dimension to the experience, making it more personal and intuitive.

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